Effective Lead Management is the key for Growing Sales

Lead is a prospect or potential opportunity; in simple words lead are those people who have contact or interest in your product or services and are not in an active sales pipeline. The process for managing Lead record is completely based on your organization’s function. Leads are generally operated through marketing campaigns or programs.

Leads are the backbone of any business and effectively manage that Leads to convert them into customers is the essential part.

Managing your Leads in systematic and structured way can expand the number of Leads generated and how many of those you have converted.

  1. For Effective Lead Management make sure your marketing and Sales team work together this gives advantage that no lead is dropped or overlooked. It totally depends on your organization that what steps they are taking for processing Leads. Thoroughly decide your sales process, define when marketing personnel passed the Lead into inside sales.
  2. For more potential business, capture more Leads through your website or social media and put them in Salesforce CRM applications. Social Media and Search Engine Marketing campaigns are very helpful because customers are already looking for you. Information gathered from forms on your website will show on your Salesforce; use that contact information to capture more Leads.
  3. Clean the data regularly; because of various reasons like prospects address change, incomplete submission and human error or duplicate your data will need clean up. There are various cleaning tools in Salesforce which will help you making data clear.
  4. To maintain lot of Leads you have to prioritize it with lead scoring. Categorize the Leads into level of priority and then assign it accordingly to the departments.
  5. Identify the Lead sources; track which marketing tool work best for your business and enter the source for each opportunity coming into the chart. Using reports and dashboards will give clear view of your sales process.

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Change, but not just for Change

So, you have heard of the Cloud Revolution and like every other business you are looking to get Salesforce.com CRM Implemented for your Organization. Hmmm, Sounds Great! But what next?

You need a Salesforce consultant to implement it properly, because it is just a tool and lack of Focus and poor customization can have adverse effects on your Business as well.

Going through a lot of data can be difficult and time consuming while missing key facts can be devastating.  In every sphere of Business, the most critical choices we make relate to Vendor and being a good judge of them is really difficult. So, the big question is how we get good at sizing first impression.

Here we provide those key points which you should look for in your Salesforce consulting partner:

  1. How many projects, for how many clients?
  2. Industry Verticals worked for
  3. Check if they are really listening to you.
  4. What type of project planning and documentation they do.
  5. Ask for reference and check for recommendations.
  6. Expensive are not always the best.

As with great power comes great responsibility so Salesforce.com understands its role and asks people to get certified on every new release which ensures that they are abreast with the latest development.

Force.com certified developers, Salesforce certified Administrators, Technical Architect, Cloud consultants and knowledge experts in the consultant team ensures that they have demonstrative ability to meet the challenges of a successful Salesforce Implementation and make the Salesforce consulting process a smooth one.

Running a business requires you to travel through the highs and lows and taking those swings and roundabout at every few meters. During times of trouble, it is best to bring in your trusted team of experts and listen to their Insights.

You are excited and you are enthusiastic. The vision of how Salesforce CRM would revive the way you do business keeps you motivated. It’s a good idea to plan to the days before you consider implementing Salesforce. Salesforce can help you accumulate, administer, and scrutinize enormous amounts of consumer data that can be used in a variety of different ways but the data is of no use if its not organized or incomplete. Instead of being a boon to you it can become pain and soon all of your employees will start complaining about how perilous it has become to use Salesforce.

Proper education and training of you staff will help you a lot in the long run. So make sure that you have discussed this with your consultant before you sign that big cheque.

The challenge is when your consultant does not ask right questions or doesn’t take the time to fully understand your business process. However, the goal should always remain to get your consulting partner transfer their knowledge to your employees. You may or may not require a full time Admin, which depends on number of user licenses you have.

Last but not the least, try to be Agile and stay under budget.

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