Fixing The Leaks Using Salesforce CRM


Leaky Bucket Concept

This concept is a very simple basic idea that assumes Total Market Share of a company as a bucket with water as customers. A hole in the bucket causes water to flow out. The same happens with customers. In order to either increase or at least retain our market share, company now has to start attracting new customers, or pull competitor’s customers. These are the two ways.

The first one is to find more customers than those going out. This can be done by techniques like Branding, Product Differentiation Marketing, Targeting a new segment etc. But as basic marketing rules say, It is 5 times cheaper to retain a customer than to get or target new ones this technique becomes the secondary choice of intelligent marketers.

The second tactic is to fix the leakage. However an Ideal situation with zero customer loss is never possible, but reducing the loss of customers or in other words making sure that the leak is small and never grows is a better idea. The diagram below gives a basic idea of the concept.


Now how do we fix the leak?

As mentioned above fixing the leak totally is an ideal situation which is hard to achieve unless your business is a Pure Monopoly, However using Salesforce CRM Techniques can effectively help you retain your customers. Any company would want repeat purchases of its products and for a repeat purchase one must make sure that his customer is always happy. Not only repeat purchases, but a happy customer can be a one who is suggesting his friends and relatives the same product they use. Hence a happy customer is indirectly a Brand Ambassador for your company, and a unhappy customer may be a Damager of your Brand Image.

Customer is the King… and King must always be Happy.

How a Salesforce CRM works?


As simple as the above block diagram. It will help you make a good customer database which helps you to divide your customers into different types and heads. It provides a centralized way to collect, consolidate, and share data with the present as well as past customers. You can analyze them using it to learn their needs and complaints and understand the reasons which are making your customers unsatisfied. These issues can be addressed by solutions which would help in a proper Customer Relationship Management and this can be done effectively by  Salesforce CRM. Salesforce is the most popular cloud-based CRM software, claiming 14.8% (highest) of the entire CRM software market with its own testing framework and more standardized which gives it a simpler operational profile.

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Unlimited vs Enterprise Salesforce edition – How does it impact Businesses


It is a universal fact that Salesforce is the market leader in SaaS (Software as a Service) based CRM and many enterprise level organizations are moving their business processes within

For Enterprise level businesses which have widen across multiple continents and having several thousands of employees globally; we have two Salesforce editions: Unlimited and Enterprise edition

The Enterprise Edition looks more profitable as it comes at half the price of Unlimited Edition. There are some restrictions & limitations on some features in the Enterprise Edition, but one of the major limitations is that in enterprise edition, you only get 20 MB of data per user license where as in unlimited edition you get 120 MB of data per user license this means there is six times more data storage than Enterprise Edition.
When we opt Enterprise Edition there is a low data storage problem in but when we go for Unlimited Edition, that price is just double.

The better way for an Enterprise is to opt first Enterprise Edition (Salesforce) because any time we can move for Unlimited Edition.

To solve the low data storage problems in we should use different optimize ways…

Author is Techno Functional Consultant at leading Salesforce Consulting firm “SFclouds Technologies”, Providing Consulting on CRM, APEX, Mobile Applications. You have good opportunity to grab veteran professional cloud based services at “SFclouds“. Take free trial offer on CRM for Nonprofits from Salesforce Inc.

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Change, but not just for Change

So, you have heard of the Cloud Revolution and like every other business you are looking to get CRM Implemented for your Organization. Hmmm, Sounds Great! But what next?

You need a Salesforce consultant to implement it properly, because it is just a tool and lack of Focus and poor customization can have adverse effects on your Business as well.

Going through a lot of data can be difficult and time consuming while missing key facts can be devastating.  In every sphere of Business, the most critical choices we make relate to Vendor and being a good judge of them is really difficult. So, the big question is how we get good at sizing first impression.

Here we provide those key points which you should look for in your Salesforce consulting partner:

  1. How many projects, for how many clients?
  2. Industry Verticals worked for
  3. Check if they are really listening to you.
  4. What type of project planning and documentation they do.
  5. Ask for reference and check for recommendations.
  6. Expensive are not always the best.

As with great power comes great responsibility so understands its role and asks people to get certified on every new release which ensures that they are abreast with the latest development. certified developers, Salesforce certified Administrators, Technical Architect, Cloud consultants and knowledge experts in the consultant team ensures that they have demonstrative ability to meet the challenges of a successful Salesforce Implementation and make the Salesforce consulting process a smooth one.

Running a business requires you to travel through the highs and lows and taking those swings and roundabout at every few meters. During times of trouble, it is best to bring in your trusted team of experts and listen to their Insights.

You are excited and you are enthusiastic. The vision of how Salesforce CRM would revive the way you do business keeps you motivated. It’s a good idea to plan to the days before you consider implementing Salesforce. Salesforce can help you accumulate, administer, and scrutinize enormous amounts of consumer data that can be used in a variety of different ways but the data is of no use if its not organized or incomplete. Instead of being a boon to you it can become pain and soon all of your employees will start complaining about how perilous it has become to use Salesforce.

Proper education and training of you staff will help you a lot in the long run. So make sure that you have discussed this with your consultant before you sign that big cheque.

The challenge is when your consultant does not ask right questions or doesn’t take the time to fully understand your business process. However, the goal should always remain to get your consulting partner transfer their knowledge to your employees. You may or may not require a full time Admin, which depends on number of user licenses you have.

Last but not the least, try to be Agile and stay under budget.

Author is Techno Functional Consultant at leading Salesforce Consulting firm “SFclouds Technologies”, Providing Consulting on CRM, APEX, Mobile Applications. You have good opportunity to grab veteran professional cloud based services at “SFclouds“. Take free trial offer on CRM for Nonprofits from Salesforce Inc.

How NGO & Nonprofits Organizations Can Make the Most of

Would it be a good idea for you to pick a traditional DRM Software, or take a totally creative methodology? What’s the best answer for volunteer, contributor and stipend administration?

Making a donor relationship management system (DRM, or CRM – for constituent relationship manager) for your Nonprofi may appear as though an overwhelming assignment. To start with, the reason for which a legitimately constructed DRM is composed must be dead set; then, how well it is accomplished influences the whole Nonprofit Organization. A DRM can additionally be expensive to improve; so as to augment the framework’s quality, conglomerations frequently contract experts to help in the DRM’s advancement.

DRMs can help charities stay informed concerning volunteers, contributors, gifts and grantees, graduated class, and different relationships. DRMs likewise track occasions, promoting, and individual co operations – from each mass message to each telephone call launched by the staff or by stakeholders. For this very explanation for why, not-for-profit conglomerations can make gigantic utilization of DRMs.

From numerous points of view, philanthropies face the same tests that bigger partnerships do – and afterward some. Not just are they made out of different inner aggregations –, for example improvement, customizing, advertising, conveyances, and outer issues – with diverse needs, however they additionally should strive to help different outside gatherings – ordering volunteers, following gifts, and giving aid. In view of this, DRMS may really be of more amazing quality to philanthropies than they are to bigger, for-benefit partnerships.

The point when searching for a donor relationship management system, numerous charities choose that open source programming is the right result; and now and again take after the suggestions of board parts or trustees without counseling a master. Open source results are engaging, because of the expense of authorizing a business result. While open source programming is “free” from the get go, there are numerous optional expenses that stick it. For instance, the expense to establish programming updates, arrangement and upkeep expenses can rapidly include – even after the framework has been assembled; supplies and hosting charges can effortlessly add up to many dollars a year. Lamentably, both charitable and for-benefit conglomerations don’t completely comprehend or foresee these auxiliary charges around then a DRM result is picked.

They furnish uphold through the establishment and are interestingly positioned to help not-for-profits – going from the biggest and decently improved conglomerations, for example the Red Cross; to neighborhood 501(c)3s and establishments with modest staffs. has the information and assets to help your charitable, if you are a youngster organization or a created one. Get the benefits of Salesforce CRM to your organization to increase your resources like supporters, volunteers & donations too.

Nonprofits & NGOs can ask us any questions on CRM for Nonprofits or get our Salesforce Consulting for your nonprofits and let’s have a win-win game for your nonprofit.