How Ad agencies can run and manage with Salesforce


If you want to keep up in fast moving world of advertising, you have to invest in technology that can streamline your business.

As the ad agency grows, the business operations get more complicated. Running an Ad agency requires extraordinary attention and skills for multi-tasking. To go with disorganized way will give you more complications with zero results, to streamline the business you have to find a workable solution.

The solution lies in  Salesforce Consulting ; it can handle all the essential details of managing your agency in one central dashboard. Salesforce acts as a central hub to coordinate media buying and planning activities.

Salesforce’s dashboards help media buying team in extracting reasons of lackluster ad recognition. It provides client’s ad statistics to the designing team so that they can check out whether certain design elements are causing viewers to ignore the banners. You can also share performance numbers with the media planner to regulate if the target audience is not being adequately reached. It will also help in showing everything that sales personnel need to know about the clients like:

  • How many actual were delivered over definite period of time.
  • Where advertisements are being placed and which position or place will benefit to give impressions in client’s mind.

Salesforce CRM is a stimulant that provides ad agencies with one platform where each team member muddled in ad development and distribution process and effectual information sharing.

For more information write us at: or Contact Us SFclouds Technologies for Salesforce Consulting Services


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