Unlimited vs Enterprise Salesforce edition – How does it impact Businesses


It is a universal fact that Salesforce is the market leader in SaaS (Software as a Service) based CRM and many enterprise level organizations are moving their business processes within Salesforce.com

For Enterprise level businesses which have widen across multiple continents and having several thousands of employees globally; we have two Salesforce editions: Unlimited and Enterprise edition

The Enterprise Edition looks more profitable as it comes at half the price of Unlimited Edition. There are some restrictions & limitations on some features in the Enterprise Edition, but one of the major limitations is that in enterprise edition, you only get 20 MB of data per user license where as in unlimited edition you get 120 MB of data per user license this means there is six times more data storage than Enterprise Edition.
When we opt Enterprise Edition there is a low data storage problem in Salesforce.com but when we go for Unlimited Edition, that price is just double.

The better way for an Enterprise is to opt first Enterprise Edition (Salesforce) because any time we can move for Unlimited Edition.

To solve the low data storage problems in Salesforce.com we should use different optimize ways…

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