Why Salesforce Consultation Service is Important for Any Enterprise

One of the most common question is why consultation?

The answer is in complex- Consultation may enhance the empowerment of your business.

Salesforce consultation is not only empowering the business but also it helps an individual to streamline their business in an organized way. Salesforce implementation benefits in varied business areas like marketing, sales, customer support etc. and consultation helps in understanding these activities. The essential aim of Salesforce consultation is the progress of any business by carefully advising the benefits of Salesforce.

Consulting and Implementation in your business

SFclouds Technologies works in close alliance with sales and marketing teams for successful implementation and consultation. The consultation procedure consists of properly guiding marketing team, sales representatives and managers about its interface followed by its usage.

Salesforce.com CRM allows its users to customize the software and Salesforce consultant carefully analyze the business and advice the customization according to the requirement.

Salesforce consultation helps you rectify errors in the applications when you are not able to figure out the reason behind inadequacy of making profit. It guides you in developing a plan which increases the application performance.

Salesforce CRM software consultation provides training to the personnel so that they can understand the usage and processes easily.

Expertise Matters

Consultation may make business processes streamlined but getting it right takes skills and experience.

SFclouds Technologies provides implementation and consultation services of Salesforce.com CRM that streamline the business processes with the help of their certified consultants.


How Ad agencies can run and manage with Salesforce


If you want to keep up in fast moving world of advertising, you have to invest in technology that can streamline your business.

As the ad agency grows, the business operations get more complicated. Running an Ad agency requires extraordinary attention and skills for multi-tasking. To go with disorganized way will give you more complications with zero results, to streamline the business you have to find a workable solution.

The solution lies in  Salesforce Consulting ; it can handle all the essential details of managing your agency in one central dashboard. Salesforce acts as a central hub to coordinate media buying and planning activities.

Salesforce’s dashboards help media buying team in extracting reasons of lackluster ad recognition. It provides client’s ad statistics to the designing team so that they can check out whether certain design elements are causing viewers to ignore the banners. You can also share performance numbers with the media planner to regulate if the target audience is not being adequately reached. It will also help in showing everything that sales personnel need to know about the clients like:

  • How many actual were delivered over definite period of time.
  • Where advertisements are being placed and which position or place will benefit to give impressions in client’s mind.

Salesforce CRM is a stimulant that provides ad agencies with one platform where each team member muddled in ad development and distribution process and effectual information sharing.

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Effective Lead Management is the key for Growing Sales

Lead is a prospect or potential opportunity; in simple words lead are those people who have contact or interest in your product or services and are not in an active sales pipeline. The process for managing Lead record is completely based on your organization’s function. Leads are generally operated through marketing campaigns or programs.

Leads are the backbone of any business and effectively manage that Leads to convert them into customers is the essential part.

Managing your Leads in systematic and structured way can expand the number of Leads generated and how many of those you have converted.

  1. For Effective Lead Management make sure your marketing and Sales team work together this gives advantage that no lead is dropped or overlooked. It totally depends on your organization that what steps they are taking for processing Leads. Thoroughly decide your sales process, define when marketing personnel passed the Lead into inside sales.
  2. For more potential business, capture more Leads through your website or social media and put them in Salesforce CRM applications. Social Media and Search Engine Marketing campaigns are very helpful because customers are already looking for you. Information gathered from forms on your website will show on your Salesforce; use that contact information to capture more Leads.
  3. Clean the data regularly; because of various reasons like prospects address change, incomplete submission and human error or duplicate your data will need clean up. There are various cleaning tools in Salesforce which will help you making data clear.
  4. To maintain lot of Leads you have to prioritize it with lead scoring. Categorize the Leads into level of priority and then assign it accordingly to the departments.
  5. Identify the Lead sources; track which marketing tool work best for your business and enter the source for each opportunity coming into the chart. Using reports and dashboards will give clear view of your sales process.

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Rapid business growth needs Salesforce CRM development

business-growthTo grow any business, the primary part is to know about the needs of customers and market as well. It is now become essential to have an integrated CRM system to analyze business process and connect with customers.

Salesforce.com CRM is the leading system based on cloud computing platform that assist organizations in associating with its prospective business, clients, employees and partners. It also helps a company in sharing data and building business opportunities.

Salesforce CRM caters various needs of an organization and its departments:

  • It is quick, secure and easy to access as it runs on cloud.
  • One can easily connect with its clients and employees.
  • It can quickly share relevant data and information with the clients and team as well.
  • With Salesforce CRM, one can saves a lot of time in searching any file or data as you can easily maintain content library.
  • An organization can plan the social media strategies and report its concussion to its employees.
  • Salesforce CRM provides built-in analytics so one can have the visual representation of business.
  • It is very much useful to develop mobile applications and stay in touch with the employees from anywhere.
  • One can integrate the Salesforce CRM with Google.

SFclouds Technologies provides outstanding Salesforce Consulting solutions for all the requirements by carefully analyzing the business.

Our experts can develop, implement, configure, customize, design, integrate and get trained the staff, so that it is easy for them to access the data and information quickly.

Website integration with Salesforce

Salesforce.com CRM offers various tools to its users for storing and organizing prospecting data. The data could be even more beneficial when integrated with your company’s website.

A collection of clients’ data and email sign ups can appear on the company’s website are more beneficial if it went straight into Salesforce instead of content management system. Salesforce.com has setup a system that makes it accessible.

Integrate website with Salesforce is very much prevents multiple people from contacting the same lead.  Connecting your website with Salesforce allows you to ensure your company is working with the latest information all in one place.

Manageable Connection of Website with Salesforce

Generate Web to Lead form is the simplest application; it allows you to build a form within Salesforce and lay out which field you wish to collect. Your employees can follow up all the submissions which are directly put in Salesforce and can add into future marketing campaigns.

Expert Programmer is the Backbone of any Implementation

These implementations are technical and would require an experienced programmer. SFclouds Technologies helps your organization in improving the growth rates on your sales and marketing efforts. Website integration in Salesforce can be easily achieved by developers through web services.

Our expert developers will create:

Link between customer’s website account and their Lead or Contact record in Salesforce, pushing or pulling updates between systems to ensure consistency.

Implement third party Email Service Provider within Salesforce to automatically add new submissions to marketing campaigns.

There is lot you can do with Salesforce just be sure you are chosen a right consulting partner who is experienced and smart enough to analyze your business requirements.

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Nonprofits Using Innovative Technology to Increase Meaningfully Engage Donors

More than 25,000 nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions are using Salesforce CRM


Who says Nonprofits can’t be innovative?  # Salesforce, World’s Most Innovative Company has created a cloud based CRM solution that allows small and medium-sized Nonprofits/Ngos to share their work with donors in the most engaging way possible: through stories.  Salesforce CRM Solutions offers a refreshing, innovating, and time-saving solution for nonprofits that are looking to increase their donor retention.

Expert Salesforce Consultant can help NonProfits on this online mass funding platform “Salesforce CRM for Nonprofits”. Although the implementation isn’t always smooth, they can easily solve all problems in partnership to make it a positive, outcome to your nonprofit organization.
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